The Acts and I AM Copy

Our ‘I AM’ apparel highlights simple biblical truths which display the love God has for us all. This is not just another Christian brand but a tool. Designed to trigger thought within yourself, and conversations with others, on what Christians stand for and our birthright. This is accomplished through simply worded declarations of faith which showcase biblical truths found in the Word of God.

The introduction of this apparel range is promoted as we desire to see the expansion of the Kingdom of God. We invest the profits to fund ministry in various ways, as at the core of who we are, is the desire to help others, and to show that Christians are kind, loving and joyful people to do life with.

Our apparel is opening a door for discussion, as well as being distributed to areas where we cannot physically reach, to nations and communities around the world. By purchasing any of our products you contribute and partner with the active ministry we carry out. Resourcing the team and others who are doing our Fathers work – spreading the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Good fruit and active proof are always required when making bold statements. So, we have created a sister website to highlight how God is moving. Gathering testimonies to show how God is working in the lives of His people. We are not just another brand, but a brand that actively produces healthy fruit and is constantly living the purpose of what Mimshack was created for – to resource and help others.

Intrigued about the miracles and stories we hear, and see? Then be sure to visit –

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